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LNL is a professional consulting firm that offers personalized services to investment professionals worldwide.

Our expertise spans various aspects of investment strategies and decision-making, allowing us to provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Headquartered in Amsterdam, LNL collaborates with a diverse range of investors, including VC funds, family offices, and global actors, to accelerate purpose-led investments and create a positive impact in the world of finance. Our commitment to excellence and driving purposeful investments sets us apart, empowering our clients to thrive in their investment journeys.




Investment strategy for private investors, supporting capital deployment across diverse thematics, geographies, and risk levels, optimizing your investment approach for maximum returns.


Acting as a fractional investment professional, assisting in deal sourcing, market searches and providing valuable insights to inform investment decisions.

Matchmaking and deal syndication

Facilitating introductions between investors and investment opportunities and putting together a strategic group of investors around a deal.


Uniting visionaries and trailblazers in customized gatherings to exchange wisdom and ignite transformative shifts for a brighter future.


Lara Nuchowicz transitioned from impact investing advisory at Flat World Partners in New York to London-based Planet First Partners, a €450M growth fund focusing on sustainability and technology. In her last role, she managed a diverse portfolio for family offices, including private investments in startups, VC funds, and a dedicated alternative investment fund for top-tier Hedge Fund managers.


Since 2017, Lara has served as an angel investor, backing 50+ early-stage ventures globally in food, health, and consumer industries with a strong sense of purpose. In Amsterdam, she serves as an ambassador for FoodHack, actively fostering networks among entrepreneurs, corporates, and investors, with a primary focus on food and agriculture.


Lara's journey reflects a deep commitment to sustainability and innovation in purpose-driven investments. Her six years of industry experience have honed her ability to identify opportunities across various sectors and regions. Lara excels in building extensive networks of investors and entrepreneurs, enabling her to discover promising investment prospects, gain valuable market insights, and provide strategic client support.



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